Non-Pharma, Non-Invasive, Safe Chronic Pain Solution


My only regret is that I wish I had been exposed to this program right after surgery years ago.”

James R.

This treatment helped me push beyond the boundaries that I have had with my pain. I would get to my level of pain and stop and with the VR exercises I could go beyond my former pain area. Additionally, I have more energy and able to do more, not a great deal but more. I have been able to cut my oral pain meds in half. Overall I found it to be a very beneficial experience and I am very thankful.

Julia R.

I found .. more self-confidence as I haven’t had a lot of things lately where I tried something new and succeeded at it so this was something that made me feel good about going outside my comfort zone, so that really felt good.” I have been telling everyone I know about this and would recommend it to other.

Shelly W.

Karuna Labs Virtual Embodiment Training

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Engaging therapeutic exercises paired with detailed statistics

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